Riikka Niittonen, born in 1984, Finland. I finished my MA Studies in Art 2011 and graduated from Aalto University, University of Art and Design. I currently work in Salo as a visual artist and art teacher.

Riikka Niittonen (s.1984) on valmistunut Taiteen maisteriksi Aalto yliopistosta 2011 ja työskentelee Salossa kuvataiteilijana ja kuvataideopettajana.

About Riikka Niittonen (1984) and her working

I have been following Riikka Niittonen’s working as a painter and as an artist since 2013. During this short period Niittonen has progressed remarkably in her oil painting technique, and begun to reach deeper, mystic levels in her symbolism. The contrast of the subtle background and the symbolic use of a basic human body is raw and naked, almost brutal, bringing human in front of that mystic, dark unknown space.

Being a colourist painter myself, I pay particular attention to the development of her color palette towards deeper and darker tones. Niittonen juxtaposes delicious pinks with a dark Renaissance color palette, beginning to achieve monumetal space in her works by a skillful use of tiny doses of light and a few splashes of bright color in the vast but nuanced darkness in her works.

in January 2016
Tiina Hölli
visual artist, curator